Advice For New Entrepreneurs

Advice for new entrepreneurs

A LinkedIn Sr Editor asked me to post advice to budding new entrepreneurs or folks contemplating starting a business in the shadow of the pandemic. Here’s what I’d tell myself if I were starting again.

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Houston: A Dangerous Place For Pedestrians & Bicycles

Houston needs to begin making it safer to ride bicycles outside our subdivision

Usually, I prefer to write stuff to help others by passing along some knowledge. This post is more of an acknowledgment or rant with some background and hopes sprinkled in. Sorry about that. As a long-time Houstonian who has lived and traveled abroad for years at a time without owning a car, it’s a shock…

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My First Motorcycle Crash: Here’s What I’ve Learned

My Motorcycle Laying on the Freeway after a distracted driver hit me

After 55 years of accident-free riding all sorts of motorcycles hundreds of thousands of miles during my lifetime, I crashed. A person driving their car in the adjacent lane beside me suddenly turned into my lane on a freeway and took me and my big Harley-Davidson motorcycle down at 50-60 mph. It’s one of those…

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Motorcycle Grand Tour of Texas- 2021 Done!

Our Motorcycle Grand Tour of Texas is complete for 2021. Kelly and I visited every single location and many more places we stumbled into along the way. Sometimes special friends accompanied us and shared the experience making it even richer (you know who you are!). Other times, we dealt with torrential downpours and oppressive humid…

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Cure for the funk: fly fishing!

My prescription for this fever is 2-3 weeks of solitude, while tent camping stream-side and fly fishing high Rocky Mountain streams by day, then sipping whiskey out of a an old tin cup at dusk under a light show of stars you didn’t know existed in the city. I promise you it’ll fix you. I…

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How much Chlorine in my swimming pool?

In a typical chlorinated in-ground residential swimming pool, what is the right level in ppm to prevent algae and keep my water sanitized and healthy for swimmers? Well, the answer depends on your Stabilizer or CYA level mainly. Free Chlorine should be 7.5% of CYA, but your CYA should be 30-50ppm for pools with limited…

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Can I Learn to Freehand Sharpen Knives With Shaky Hands?

A batch of knives that need sharpening

CAN YOU LEARN TO FREEHAND SHARPEN KNIVES? Many people with unsteady hands, including those with Parkinson’s, have learned to hand sharpen knives effectively. Based on comments they leave on social media channels, they can learn to freehand sharpen knives. The reality is nobody knows if you can ever effectively freehand sharpen knives using unsteady hands.…

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